Is Erica acting too emotionally, judging from Wathoni statement?

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Erica and Kiddwaya fight at HOH lounge as she accuses Kiddwaya of disrespecting
her in front of Wathoni

The whole issue started when they were arguing over how someone should go for whom they love to be with, be it male or female that its no big deal, Nengi supported because to her she does it often, Kaisha said she could consider it too but wouldn't want to look desperate while Erica said she would not do such that she feels it would bring disrespect along the line and it's quite demanding on the side of ladies, in the process Wathoni hearing what she said quickly asked Kiddwaya if he could go after a woman he likes, then he responded saying he can't, that he does not chase after ladies whether he likes them or not, immediately she burst into laughter like she was trying to shade Erica, meaning Erica was the one who went after Kiddwaya so why did she say the opposite, it got to Erica then she left to her lounge, Kiddwaya followed immediately that was when the whole conversation ensued .....

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