How To Create A PayPal Account In Nigeria That Can Receive And Send Money In 2020

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Are you having difficulties creating a PayPal account that can actually receive money in Nigeria? Well, worry no more cause in this article I will show you how to resolve all that. I know how it feels having to go through all those stress of receiving money or to cash-out your online funds due to the limitations in Nigeria. By following these few simple steps you will successfully create a PayPal account that can’t only send money but also receive money in Nigeria.

Step 1: Please ensure you have an E-mail address.
Note: Make sure the E-mail address you’re using isn’t attached to any PayPal account if it's attached create another E-mail address.

Step 2: Type this URL in your browser “” then hit enter.
Note: If you just type and you’re in Nigeria this process won’t work. Due to it will read your IP address as a Nigerian Eg: “” Which stands for Nigeria and is for personal use only, it can only send money not receive money, type this instead “” Which stands for Lesotho.

Step 3: Click on Sign Up to get started.

Step 4: You will be asked to choose from two types of accounts, choose business then click continue.

Step 5: Now enter your E-mail address to get started.
Note: Make sure the E-mail address you’re using isn’t attached to any PayPal account if it's attached create another E-mail address.

Step 6: Now you have to enter your business account details, first thing first create a login and then enter business information.
Note: you can follow the preview below, but you must use your own business name, phone number, and address or it won’t work, and if you don’t know your postal code of your LGA you can as well Google it. You can also use your own Nigerian phone number.

Step 7: you can read the terms and conditions carefully, check and click “Agree and Continue”. 


Step 8: Now you have to describe your business, for business type select “Individual/Sole Proprietorship”, you can use any keyword of your choice.
Note: If you don’t have a business URL you can leave it blank it states clear (if applicable) hit continue, you can follow preview below.

Step 9: Enter your “Date of birth”, you can change your nationality to Nigerian, and for your identity document you can use your national ID, International Passport or Driver’s license, select any preferred option of your choice, as for me am I will be using my National ID.
Note: you can follow the preview below.

Step 10: For the Home address, checks same as business address, then hit Submit.

Step 11: Before entering your password and logging In, go to your E-mail inbox and open the message sent by Paypal, click the blue “Complete Information Now” button to complete your sign up information, then type in the password you created and click Log In.

Once you must have entered your password you can now log in successfully if you followed these steps correctly you will arrive at this point, congrats you now have a Paypal account.

How to activate your Paypal Account

Wow was that so easy or not? So that’s how you can properly create a Paypal account that can't only send money but can also receive money in Nigeria, I hope this article was able to solve your problem of creating a Paypal account in Nigeria that can receive money, Leave a comment below if you find this content helpful if you encounter or have any difficulties during sign up let us know we will reply to you as soon as possible thank you.


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