How to Apply for Loan from Wema Bank

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We previously wrote an article on the easiest way to get loans from any bank that gives out loan, but the little mistake we did was we didn’t give more details on how the loan process goes.

This is specifically for Wema Bank customers who are interested in getting a loan from Wema Bank. Getting a loan is not easy as many think it is, but the Banks these days tries to make the whole loan process easy and stress-free for their customers, but with doing this, some people still don’t want to pay back the loan, so many Banks have been avoiding this.


Now how do you apply for a Retail Loan

1. You can access other retail loans; WAAS, School Fees Advance, Device Loan and Credit Card by Visiting any of our branches.

2. You can access the salary-based loan on the ALAT app. Download ALAT click gets a loan and follow the instructions.


Can your deposit serve as collateral for loans and advances? Yes, your deposit can serve as collateral for bank loans.

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