How to Bypass Google Account Verification FRP on Samsung Galaxy A10s without PC

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Step 1: Turn on the device and you will see the welcome screen

Step 2: Now you will see “Let’s go!” on the screen and an arrow right button too, click on it.

Step 3: Now you need to connect to a wireless network and make sure it has internet access in it.

Step 4: After connecting to a wireless network, click on it and it will start loading.

Step 5: And after loading you will be taken to a lock screen where you will be asked to put in your pin or pattern to unlock the device, if you don’t remember the pin or pattern you used, then click on “Use my Google account instead”.

Step 6: Now it will start loading again and after loading you will be taken to the Google verify your account screen.

Step 7: Now when you get there you need to press the back button until you are taken back to the welcome screen.

Step 8: Now you need to insert a SIM card that is locked with a PIN code and insert it into the device.

Step 9: Now you will see a new screen will come up, asking you to “Enter SIM card PIN”.

Step 10: Now this part is really tricky, but you can do it, it’s easy, you need to make sure that the SIM card you are using is not your valid SIM, but any random SIM that has a PIN lock on it.

Step 11: You need to type in incorrect pin until the attempts run out, and when the attempts run out you will see another screen that has a lock icon on it.

Step 12: Now click on it and you will see Notification settings click on it and you will be taken to another screen where you will see Google Play and at the bottom you will see “See All” click on it.

Step 13: Now on that screen you will see a drop-down with “Most recent” select on it by default, Click on it and choose “All”.

Step 14: Now scroll down and you will see the YouTube app click on it and you will see “In-app notification settings” click on it and you will see “History and Privacy” click on it.

Step 15: Now you will see “YouTube Terms of service” click on it and you will be taken to a web browser.

Step 16: Now you need to type in this URL “” and when the site opens up you will see few apps on it.

Step 17: Now you need to download “Android 8-9 GAM” and after you have successfully downloaded it you need to install it and after the installation, click done.

Step 18: Now you will see “FRP Bypass” in that site too, click on it download it, and install it.

Step 19: After the installation, click open and you will be taken to another screen where you will be asked to input a password, don’t type in anything, click on the three dotted lines at the top right corner of the phone and you will see “browser sign-in”

Step 20: Now you will be taken to the Google sign in page, now sign in your Google account and after signing in the app will close.

Step 21: Now you need to restart your device and after that you can setup your device without been asked to verify your account.

Thanks for reading and please if you have any issues please drop a comment with the statement of your issue and we will get to it.

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