How To Bypass Goggle Account Verification (FRP) For: CAT S61 Without PC

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Step 1: Turn on your device.

Step 2: Connect to a “WI-FI” network.

Note: Make Sure you insert an “SD-CARD”.

Step 3: Go back to welcome screen panel and tap on “Accessibility”, now tap on “Switch Access”, now tap on the “Settings” option below the device, and now tap on “Help & Feedback”.

Step 4: Now tap on “Get Started With Voice Access”, now tap on the youtube video and tap the clock icon.

Note: You it will take you to Google Chrome tap on “ACCEPT & CONTINUE” and tap on next, you will see and option to “Sign in to Chrome” tap “No Thanks”.

Step 5: On the search box above type this URL “”, now locate and download “Apex Launcher” when download is done install and tap “Open”.

Note: Now you are on your home screen.

Step 6: Go to your Chrome browser type this URL “”, now locate and download “Google Account Manager” when download is finish install and tap “Done”, go back to your location and download “Bypass (FRP) lock” install and tap “Open”.

Step 7: On the top right corner of your device click the three-dotted icon on screen then click on “Browser Sign-in” and click “OK”, Now you can enter your email address and sign-in

Step 8: Once you add Google account successfully you can restart your device by pressing the “Power button” and select the “Restart” option, then follow due process in starting up your device.

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