How To Bypass Google Account Verification (FRP) on Blu SmartPhones Without PC

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Step 1: Turn on the locked phone

Step 2: After displaying the Welcome Screen for new user, click on the Emergency call.

Step 3: Immediately you are in the Emergency call station, you will see “Emergency Information”, click on it.

Step 4: The Emergency Information Activity will come up, now click on the pen icon you see at the right top corner of the phone. Another activity will come up, now click on “Contacts”.

Step 5: You will see a contact already inside, if you don’t, you can create one yourself. Now click on the contact name, and click at the vertical or horizontal dot line at the top right corner, you will see “Share”, click on it, and different apps will pop up for you to share with. Now choose to share with the phone default Messaging App.

Step 6: In the messaging section, type in “” and click on the send button, you will see that the message is sending, now click on the message you sent, and immediately you will be redirected to the YouTube Application. Now tap on the Account Settings at the top right corner, and click on “Terms & Privacy Policy”. Immediately you click that, you will be redirected to the Google Chrome Browser.

Step 7: Now Type this in the browser URL “” and scroll down, you will see, Setting.apk, click on it and download it. Now go back to the browser and type in “gsmedge apk” on your google search, choose the first site you see, and make sure you download the app.

Step 8: Now click on the download section in the google chrome browser and install “gsmedge” first. After installation click done and setting “setting” (the other app you downloaded). After installation, click on open, the app will up as the phones default settings. Now scroll down to “security”, in security scroll down to “Device Administrators” and click on “Find My Device” and click on “Deactivate this device administrator”, now go back on click on “Android Device Manager” and click on “Deactivate this device administrator”.

Step 9: After doing all that, go back to the settings and scroll up and choose “Apps”, inside Apps, click on “Show System”. Now scroll down still you see “Google Account Manager”, click on it and disable it. Now go back and click on hide system, scroll up or down and choose “Google Play Service” and disable it. Now go back to the settings section, scroll down to “Account”, click on it and choose “Add Account” and choose “Google”, the Google account setup with come up.

Step 10: Now login your Google account, with your current correct gmail address and password. Now go back to “Apps” and enable “Google Play service” you disabled, and also enable “Google Account Manager” you disabled.

Step 11: Now go back and scroll to “Security”, inside Security, scroll down to “Device Administrator” and Activate “Find My Device” and “Android Device manager” and go back and either click on Storage type or Restart the phone. I will recommend clicking on “Storage type”. After clicking on that, you will be redirected to the Android Setup which will setup up the Device as a new one.

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  1. Morning and thanks for your information but no "emergency information" after i click on "emergency call" so please how do i proceed?


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