How to Bypass Google Account Verification FRP for All Motorola

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Step 1: Turn on the device and press the Get Started Button.

Step 2: Connect to any WiFi that is available and also have internet connection. Now click on “Accept and Continue”, after that wait for it to load. After loading the Verify your Google Account form will be displayed to you. Now press the back button to where you saw the “Get Started” button.

Step 3: You will see “Vision Settings”, now click on it, few option will be displayed to you, click on “TalkBack” and turn it on. Immediately you click on OK, another activity screen will be displayed to you.

Step 4: Now use Two fingers and swipe down, after doing that you will see few options. Now double tap on TalkBack Settings, for the next process we will be scrolling down, because the TalkBack have be activated we can’t use just one finger, what you need to do, is to use two fingers and start scrolling down still you see “Help and Feedback” click on it. (if you are unable to click on it because TalkBack is activated, you will need to deactivate it, you can easily do this by press both the volume up and volume down together, an option will be shown to you, click on OK.

Step 5: After clicking on the “Help and Feedback” button, the help section will be displayed to you, now click on “About Switch Access for Android”. Scroll down you will see a YouTube video, click on it so it can start playing and tap on the video name. immediately you tap on the name, the YouTube app will immediately open for your use.

Step 6: After the YouTube app opens click on  “Not Now”, then you will be taken to that video name you tapped. Now swipe down to minimize the video and tap on the top right corner of the app where you see those three dotted line. Some options will be shown to you, now choose “Terms and Privacy Policy”.

Step 7: Google Chrome will be open to you, now just click on “Accept and Continue”, then click on “Next”, when you see “Sign in to Chrome” choose “Not Now”. Now type this in the browser URL “”, now when the site has open, scroll down you will see “Apex Laucher” click on it, download and install it.

Step 8: After has finish installing, click on open. The Apex Launcher will immediately open now click on the menu button to show all apps or click on settings. Immediately settings opens, scroll down you will see “Security”, click on it. Inside Security scroll down you will see “Device Administrators” and click on “Android Device Manager” and deactivate it.

Step 9: Go back to the main settings screen and click on “App”. Now click on the top right dotted line and choose “Show System”. Scroll down and choose “Google Account Manager”. After it opens click on “Force Close” and “Clear Data” and after that click on “Disable” or you can just easily click on “Disable and it will automatically do all that. Now press the back button and scroll down again to look for “Google Play Service”, click on it and disable it or you clear all data before disabling it.

Step 10: Now click on the back button and open the Google chrome browser and type this in the browser URL “” and scroll down when you see “FRPTools.apk” click on it, download it and install it. After installation click on done.

Step 11: Now go back to the home screen then go back again to settings and scroll down to “Account” click on it choose “Google” and click on “Add Account”. Now log in you gmail account and wait for it to process. After it has process and the Google Account has been logged in successfully. Go back to the settings main screen scroll to “App” tap on the right top corner of the phone and choose show system. After click on show system scroll down and look for “Google Account Manager” and enable it, remember you disabled it, and also go and enable the “Google Play Service” you disable previously. After all restart the phone.

Step 12: After the phone being rebooted, the TalkBack may still be activated. Now Just press and hold the volume up and down button at the same time, when an option is shown to you click on OK. Now you can click on the “Get Started” button and set up your device with the new Google account you just added.

Thanks for reading, Please if you come across any issues please contact us or drop a comment with the issues you are facing.

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