Tacha, Mike, Seyi and Khafi nominated for possible eviction

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It's another Nomination Monday and the housemates once again had to nominate their fellow Housemates for possible eviction. Although, most of their Nominations seems like an act of revenge, see how they nominated below.

Here is how the housemates voted

Seyi – Khafi, and Tacha

Mercy- Omashola and Khafi

Frodd- Mike and Ike

Omashola- Mercy and Tacha

Tacha- Seyi and Mike

Khafi- Seyi and Mercy

Mike- Omashola and Tacha

Ike – Diane and Khafi

Diane- Omashola and Mike

Elozonam- Frodd and Tacha

Cindy- Diane and Ike

Considering what transpired between the Seyi and Tacha, it wasn't surprising to see that they nominated each other.

Omashola was originally Nominated but being the Veto Power holder saved himself and replaced with Seyi.

Don't forget to vote your favorite Housemate to keep them in the house.

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