How to Increase UBA Daily Transfer Limit to N100,000 When Using *919#

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United Bank for Africa (UBA) is one of the most reliable banks when it comes to mobile banking. Their USSD code and mobile app a super secured and from time to time they call their customers to verify if they are they people carryout the transaction before allowing it to go through. So far Unstructured Supplementary Service (USSD) codes for mobile banking has been our fastest means of making transaction and sometimes you don't even need airtime on your line for transaction especially when your registered mobile number in that account is an MTN number (all you need do is just dial the shortcode like for UBA which is *919# and do your thing).

Earlier on when CBN rolled out cashless policy and banks apps and codes to make this happen we shared a post which explained in detail how to download; install and use the United Bank for Africa (UBA) mobile app on Android, iOS and other smartphone operating system; And also how to use the quick *919# UBA code for transfer, airtime top-up, check balance and lot more. As at that time the daily transaction limit was N30,000 only (except a token authentication is added aka secure pass).

Well, we are happy to let you know that UBA has heard our voice from (THE UP SPOT) and has rolled out a new daily transaction limit which allows users to make up to N100,000 transfer with PIN and up to N1,000,000 transactions daily when they opt-in for a secure pass and sign an indemnity.

Before is a quote of the mail we received from UBA earlier this week:
"Dear Customer, 

Now you have the power to do more on *919# even without data. With only your PIN, you can make transactions of up to N100,000 daily. Do up to N1,000,000 transactions daily when you register for a secure pass and sign an indemnity. The N100,000 limit can be achieved in different tranches of N20,000 each. 

Dial any of our Magic Banking Codes now:"

Here is how to increase your UBA daily transaction limit on 919 Magic Banking
·         Simply dial *919#
·         Follow the prompt and enter your registered PIN if required to do so.
·         Choose the option that shows "Increase Limit" by entering the number of that option eg. 7.
·         Accept the terms and conditions.
·         That's all. You can now enjoy your new daily limit which is N100,000 on your Magic Banking.

Here are UBA Direct Code to Check Balance, Transfer, Buy Airtime and More
·         To check your UBA account balance *919*00#
·         To top-up airtime on your phone *919*amount#
·         To top-up airtime on another number *919*phone number*amount#
·         To transfer money from your account to UBA Account *919*3*account number*amount#
·         To transfer money from your account to Other banks *919*4*account number*amount#
·         To Pay Bills *919*5#
·         Account Opening *919*20#

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