Why do people get married?

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Most people don’t just go into marriage just for the fun of it, or to be seen as a married person in the society. There are some factors that leads to marriage, you just can’t wake up one morning and decide to get married.
Marriage is not a do or die affair. That is why we have to look into some reasons that lead to people getting married

LOVE: love they say, know no bound and at such brings people of different tribe, race and country together in marriage.

COMPANIONSHIP/FRIENDSHIP: For the sake of companionship, people tend to get married for fear of being alone.

ACCIDENTAL PREGNANCY: Most people will want to disagree with me but, it’s the true fact. In our society today we see a lot of people getting married because of pregnancy. Research shows that 70% of people get married because of this especially, in the western part our country.                                                                                                                         
MONEY: Can this be a good reason for people to get married? Well most people get married because they have money to keep and make their family happy.                                                                                           
REQUEST/ORDER: People get married because it’s a request from their family and in some cases, there are companies/firms that don’t employ single people. You must be married to show how responsible you can be. So this also leads most people to get married.
We all know that there are so many reasons people get married but if you feel this isn’t the main reason then please feel free to drop your comments.

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