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Youth is a good time to develop a relationship with God. As it is written in Ecclesiastes do not let the excitement of being young cause you to forget about your creator.

 Youth is known as the transition from the dependence of childhood to the independence of adulthood. They are known as the strength, beauty, and dignity of a nation. Without them, the world would be a depressing place to stay because they are the light of the world But in as much as we can’t do without them, there are also some purposes for which they are created. They have purposes imposed on them by families, societies, communities and the world at large but, there are certain things that distract a youth from fulfilling their purposes in the aspect of education, religion and family.
Ignoring studies: This happens when a youth joins a bad group of friends and neglects his/her studies.

 Parents: We all know the role of parents in the lives of the youths. But most time some parents neglect their duties and start misleading the children someone may ask me why? Most parents don’t monitor the kind of company their children keep. Some even compare them with other children of their age instead of encouraging and praying for them not to be misled.

What they see and think: youths tend to get distracted by what they see or what they think. When youth see that his mate is making money, driving cars, building houses, etc. they get distracted from their true purpose and start thinking and making plans on how to do the same. The action they say has a lot to do with the attitude we portray towards our purposes. There are lots of things that can distract youths from fulfilling their purposes but these tips will help them in order to fulfill these purposes.

Self-discovery: you can’t fulfill purpose if you don’t know who you are. there are things you do that makes you different from your age mates/peers, try putting it into practice and also pray to God to help you discover yourself.

Environment: in order to fulfill your purpose, you must leave your comfort zone and focus on what you want. Most youth today is been limited by their environment and they are not doing anything about it.
 Feel the passion: have you ever felt the desire to sing in church or partake in a drama? What would be your reaction when denied the opportunity? you see yourself feeling bad, rejected and angry because you wanted to partake by all means as you have that passion in you. Passion is that strong feeling you have for a thing, it attracts people and also covers the pain you are passing through while trying to fulfill your purpose.

 You must Have the willpower to build your mind for challenges on this road to fulfillment. You must be determined and strong, don’t let anything or anyone hold you back. Stop wasting your future and start working towards achieving this purpose to make the world a better place.

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