Values to be impacted into the children

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As a parent, what value have you imparted into your children when they are growing up. There are many important things that need to be imparted into a growing child. Ranging from good behavioral act to educational and marital status.
Most parents when with their friend’s boast of how they want their son/daughter to become a doctor, an engineer, etc. but they don’t work towards keeping that value in their children’s life to study hard for their future. While in some cases most parents would like their children to be respectful, kind and honest to people while growing up, however, these attributes don’t always come naturally so parents are expected to be able to inculcate good values in the lives of their children from a young age.

What are the important values to impact the lives of children?

     Parents ought to teach their children the act of giving. And to also think about the need of others, it’s very important for a child to know how to share their toys, food and other things with kids their age.

Children need to imbibe the act of being respectful in the home, church, school and the society at large. It is said that charity begins at home, when you as a parent don’t make your child have that knowledge of being respectful to you in your home, how do you expect him/her to act outside the confines of your home. “spare the rod and spoil the child” this doesn’t necessary mean to beat the child but making them own up to their mistakes at the right time. They tend to be worried about the consequences of their misbehaviors and taking responsibility.

As parents, you know that a dishonest lifestyle only makes a person look bad. Also, a person that doesn’t have a love for one another is just a walking shadow. In order to impact this value to them, you must show and give all your children equal love. Teach them to be truthful to you and amongst themselves.

Parents should teach their children to always strive and word hard for what they want to become. They should never be afraid of failing because only then can they know where their strength lies, they shouldn’t relent in what they have passion for.

Parents should imbibe the knowledge of being confident in their children. A lot of children don’t really know how to stand up and talk about their family, school or whatever it is they like and that’s because they have no confidence in themselves. They don’t believe they can do what most kid their age is doing, so we indulge the parents to imbibe these values in their children’s lives but they need to set an example with themselves as your children will always look up to you.

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