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AS the saying goes “your future depends on many things but mostly on you”
Here comes another opportunity for interested applicants, As Nigerian LNG offers a
 post-primary scholarship award.
Most parents don’t take education seriously due to the fact that there’s no means to train their children in school, but I have a good news; here comes another opportunity to live up to your children’s dream of becoming a better person in life.
Dare I say? It’s time for the parent to buckle up and seize this opportunity for their children.
This scholarship/award has been going on for years, and it’s been the best thing to have happened to the beneficiaries
The lucky scholars will be admitted based on their performances at the [NECO] common entrance examination which is held annually

                  post-primary scholarship suitability for NLNG                   

to participate you must:
  1.         i.            have a signed letter of identification from his/her local government council.                                                                                                            
  2.       ii.            Must not be a child to any staff of the above named.
  3.    iii.            Deliver a letter of confirmation from an indigene signed by the ODC chairman or chief.
  4.     iv.            Must be a bonafide indigene of the community.
  5.       v.            Be a basic 5 or 6 pupil, providing original results issued by the School Authorities                                 

                                        Note the following;

  1.         i.            Attach all the documents required to avoid disqualification.
  2.       ii.            Make sure all the contacts are intact, as it is your source of information on the application.
  3.    iii.            Any level of non-adherence attracts disqualification.
  4.     iv.            Only the lucky participants will be chosen and invited for the selection test.

                          Click on this link below if you’re interested


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