MTN 200 Naira for 1gb Has Now Ended

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It brings great tears to my eyes to announce this news. A data plan that has been making people use MTN and even enjoy using MTN has now Ended.

This Plan was for people who have not been using their MTN sims for 30 days max, I was among the list of people using this plan, I won't lie I benefited enough from this plan, many people thought it was a cheat, well not it wasn't a cheat.

This plan was for only MTN plus users who have not used their sims, it was called welcome back data plan. This code *131*65# would work even if you are eligible for this plan, it will be able to display the available data plans to you.

Right now if you try dialing this code a message will be shown to you saying " oops it seems you dialed a wrong code".

For many of you who may not know what I am talking about check out this post : 

The above will take you to the article about how to get 1gb for just 200 naira for 7 days plus.

This News is really a piece of painful news, many of my friends calling me and asking what has happened to the MTN plan. That is why I'm writing this post.

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