All You Need To Know About Big Brother Naija

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To all lovers of the BBNaija reality show, this article is for your consumption. As we all await the next edition of the BIG BROTHER NAIJA show, this is a perfect opportunity to know what exactly the show is about.

BIG BROTHER is a reality game show created by John de Mol of Endemol, initially aired in the Netherlands and afterward syndicated globally. There have been successfully concluded 400 seasons of Big Brother in over 54 franchise nations and regions since its commencement.

Housemates live together for a definite period in a specifically built house that is inaccessible to the outside world. The Housemates compete to emerge as the last individual standing so that they can win the prizes Biggie has to offer. Housemates are thoroughly watched 24/7 on the provided cameras through their numerous trials and problems, hence the reason why Biggie’s eye is used in the logo: He always keep watch.

Housemates are mandated to Nominate fellow Housemates for the weekly Eviction show. The Housemate with the most Votes is announced and the viewers are requested to vote. Subsequently, the housemate with the highest votes will be Evicted in a weekly show usually held on Sunday evenings.

Housemates have a regular talk with Biggie in the Diary Room. Throughout the Housemates’ all-important Diary sessions, they are given daily and weekly tasks which are essential. These tasks include Head of House trials and wagers. These tasks are intended to test Housemates ability to work as a team and develop community spirit. The Housemates place in the house or weekly shopping stipend (to buy food and other essentials) are frequently at stake and this makes these tasks significant: they are intensely contested as the aim of the game is to get as far as you can.

Biggie continuously has something exclusive up his sleeve to test the Housemates to the limits of their abilities, both mentally and physically. It is a tough game that fetches out the best and the worst in the contestants individually. There are many twists and turns laterally and the Housemates needs to get their A-games on if they wish to survive the full interval of the show.

The Housemates have obligatory Diary sessions in which they are able to express their emotional state with Biggie. These are almost regarded as a confessional and this is the only time contestants can speak flexibly and honestly about their game plan and what is going on in the house.

The return of Big Brother Nigeria follows the critical success of the second edition which saw ambitious hip-hop artiste Efe Ejeba emerging as the winner and coveted N25 million prize money with an SUV after virtually three months of drama, conspiracy, betrayal, and entertainment in the Big Brother house.

Speaking on Big Brother Nigeria’s return, the Regional Director, M-Net West Africa, Wangi Mba-Uzoukwu said: ‘’Around the globe, the Big Brother set-up remains one of the most prevalent genres of entertainment and this is also applicable in Nigeria.  The edition of Big Brother was one of the most successful reality shows not just in Nigeria, but around the continent with a record number of votes and numerous of the housemates going onto chase careers in entertainment.
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