New Update in Gmail and Google Docs Helps Users Remove Black borders on iPad Pro

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Google has newly updated Gmail, sheets, and Documents to display in full-screen modes on the latest iPad Pros, removing the thick black borders that were in the edges.

When Apple launched the tablets back in November, users quickly realized that their 11 by 12.9-inch screens had an updated aspect ratio that made apps have awkward looking black borders and required updates to fix. Some smart companies, like Netflix, were quick to release updates to address this issue and now, three months after, Google has joined them.

YouTube’s has equally been tweaked to fix a bug that made the iOS home bar to block the applications navigation icons when running on 2018 iPad PRO device.

These updates are minor, but then when much of the iPad Pro’s appeal is its larger screen size, it’s a shame to be unable to not make full use of it. Now go and enjoy your one extra row of spreadsheet cells. You deserve it.

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