Tecno F2, K8, K9 or Other Android Phones

5G is Here -- See List of Phones And How to Change from 4G to 5G

Step #1: Press "Get Started" on the setup screen once the Tecno F2, K8, K9 or similar Android device is turn on.
Step #2: Move on to "Set up as new" option.
Step #3: Connect to an active Wi-Fi network and press done.
Step #4: Now, after your phone has finished checking (for updates, info and so on) and it on the "Verify your account" screen.
Step #5: Tap the space for Email or phone number to pop up the keyboard.
Step #6: Now, press the keyboard icon/option on the keyboard that looks like fingers pointing up.
Step #7: Swipe to the right and press Settings.
Step #8: Under TouchPal go to Help & About.
Step #9: Now, scroll down and press the Rate Us option.
Step #10: Touch the share button at the top right corner of your screen. On the pop up go for more options.

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