Page 3 - Samsung Galaxy J5, J7 and Other Android Phones

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Step #33: Go to Download folder in ES File Explorer.
Step #34: Install all the downloaded apps. Make sure you follow the popup settings to enable installation from Unknown Sources.
Step #35: Install and open the shortcut maker.
Step #36: Now, in the shortcut maker's search bar type Google Account Manager. Press it.
Step #37: Navigate to select the Google Account Manager that shows Type Email and Password. Hit Try.
Step #38: On the next interface press the three dots on the top right.
Step #39: Press Browser Signing and press OK.
Step #40: Now, login to your own Google Account and you will be redirected to the Try option.
Step #41: Use the power button to restart your phone.
That's all – do the usual setup and enjoy your phone.

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