Page 3 - Huawei P20 Lite or Other Android Phones

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Step #21: You will see Huawei Home. Open it and open the first Huawei Home in the drop-down menu.
Step #22: Tap "Try" and choose "Set Up Phone".
Step #23: from the Home screen that is now accessible open PlayStore.
Step #24: Now, sign-in to your google account that was not connected to the device.
Step #25: Accept terms – tap Agree.
Step #26: Press the Power button and do a restart.
Step #27: Now to complete the full removal of FRP. Go to Settings >> System >> select Reset >> Tap Factory data reset.
Step #28: Choose Reset Phone >> Reset Phone.
Step #29: Wait for the reset process to be completed.
Step #30: That's all, just do your normal setup on the welcome panel and you are good to go.

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