LG K8, K10 and Other Android Phones

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Step #1: With you LG K8, K10 or any Android device switched on – and on setup. Press next to join a Wi-Fi connection.
Step #2: After that, press "Next" to proceed to Google account verification of the previously synced on the device.
Step #3: Type "hghj" or anything else in place of email or phone number and press NEXT. Without space or deleting what you have type add "hyyh" and hit NEXT again.
Step #4: Noting will work. So, press that back button to Wi-Fi >> and back again to Setup page where you will see an option for language selection and Accessibility.
Step #5: Touch the "Accessibility" option and choose Yes on the popup menu (as well as don't show this again).
Step #6: On Accessibility >> go to Vision and tap TalkBack.
Step #7: Scroll down and press "Text-to-speech output".
Step #8: Click on the settings icon on Google Text-to-speech Engine.
Step #9: Now, touch "Settings for Google Text-to-speech Engine" and "Feedback" on the next page.

Step #10: Touch the "terms of service" hypertext link to open on a browser.
Step #11: Touch the "Search or type URL" bar to accept chrome terms of service and proceed.
Step #12: Now, use the search bar to search for and visit "frp.foil.com". Click step 1 and complete action using Gmail (after you've unchecked use as default app).
Step #13: Swipe down to Notification under Gmail and press App Settings.
Step #14: Touch the three dots at the top right corner and press Manage Accounts.
Step #15: Press continue on the popup menu and locate another three dots at the top right corner and press List view.
Step #16: Scroll down and press Security. Tap Unknown Sources seven (7) times.
Step #17: Check and then Uncheck "Verify apps" box.
Step #18: Press Phone administrators at the top of Unknown Sources. Open it, uncheck it and press Deactivate.
Step #19: Now, go back to Settings >> Apps >> touch the three dots at the top right and press Show System.
Step #20: Scroll down and open Setup Wizard. Press Force Stop button, go to storage and Clear cache.
Step #21: Go back to Apps >> Google Play services. Do Force Stop and Disable app.
Step #22: Reboot your phone, forget your Setup Wi-Fi connection and press NEXT.
That's all – do the usual setup and enjoy your phone.

We hope this was helpful to you. If it wasn't please drop a comment below so we'll get in touch with you ASAP.

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