Samsung Galaxy J5, J7 and Other Android Phones

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Step #1: Go to Google and search for "RealTerm 2.0". It should be the first link.
Step #2: Click on the link
Step #3: Download and Install the application
Step #4: Navigate back to Google search or use a new tab to search for "Samsung Android Drivers"
Step #5: Download the drivers

Step #6: Now right click on the RealTerm application installed and click on properties.
Step #7: Go to compatibility
Step #8: Check run this program as an administrator.
Step #9: Click apply and OK
Step #10: Insert a SIM card inside your Samsung Galaxy J5, J7 or Other Android Phones.

Step #11: Using a USB cable – connect your phone to PC.
Step #12: Launch the RealTerm application.
Step #13: On the display user interface. Check (to enable) Half duplex.
Step #14: You will see a green light by the right side.
Step #15: From the menu click on Port to note the active port.

Step #16: Go to device manager
Step #17: Go to Modem >> Samsung USB modem >> Right click to Properties.

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