1GB MTN data for N500 and A Chance of Getting Free 1GB

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Usually, we process data purchase request of 1GB for N600 and 2GB for N1200 but as we have grown from hundreds to thousands of patronizers we decided it is time for us to give out free data and also sell at discount price to our top patronizers and referrers.

Referring someone to for data request is easy. All you have to do is ask the friends you are referring to data purchase to use your referrer code that has a four-unique code like: "1GB XXXX". This code, when sent for a data request as SMS to 07063196200, will generate a count for you that you have referred someone.

So, that friend of yours will send "1GB XXXX" instead of the direct "1GB" required SMS to get started on the data request process.

Note: referrers stand a chance of receiving a free 1GB at the end of the month.

To get your unique referrer code simply text:

"RE CODE 1GB" to 07063196200
"RE CODE 2GB" to 07063196200

Who is eligible

It takes three (3) friends data request with your unique code to make you eligible to request for 1GB monthly data for N500.
Once your count reaches 3 you will receive an SMS from theupspot.com notifying you that you have qualified for a N500 - 1GB data.
Every month the highest referrer will also receive a free 1GB MTN data from theupspot.com

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