Zambia Uncovers $8 Billion Tax Scam at Leading Mining Firm

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Zambia’s tax collection agency has disclosed on Tuesday it had uncovered a five-year, 8 billion dollars tax scam at an unspecified “prominent mining company’’.

The Zambian Revenue Authority (ZRA) made it known in in a statement in Lusaka.

Zambian Revenue Authority said that it had issued a preliminary tax assessment of 8.04 billion dollars equivalent to 76.5 billion Zambian kwacha to the company for classifying imported spare parts and other consumables as mining machinery, which attract no custom duty.
Zambian President

The import duty on items other than mining machinery ranges from 15 to 25 per cent, ZRA said in a statement, adding that the company had been engaged in the conduct for the last five years.

“We have since notified both the mining and the clearing agent of this unacceptable act of cheating,” ZRA said, without naming the company or the clearing agent. (dpa/NAN)

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