Strike Force - Page 2

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n  Fejiro Ahmed
Yes, the doctor said he will be discharged in two days if his body improvement doesn’t change.
n  Kabiru Ahmed
Great, if everything goes well as planned in our mission at Odi, I should be back in a fortnight so we and kids can all go and spend this holiday with your parents as you’ve always wanted.
n  Fejiro Ahmed
Oh! Thanks Hun.
She hugs and kissed him, stretched her hand to pick the small bible and necklace she had kept on the refrigerator. Each and every time before he steps out for a mission she had always kept a bible in his left chest pocket and wore him a necklace with the crucifix of Jesus Christ and say these words:
“My Strike Force, my protector and love of my life, let them be with you. I know you don’t want to be a Christian. But please keep them for the sake of love you have for me. This is how I know how to ask my God to protect you in the field of battle even as I will always pray for your safe return. I know Allah will protect you too.”

n  Kabiru Ahmed
You know I can’t stop you from doing what you have to do. Yes, not after what I experienced in Mogadishu when I woke up in the mixed of dead soldier and realized the bible you kept in my left jacket pocket took the hit for me. I don’t go back on my words else I would drop promise I made to my late father to never leave Islam to join the serving Jesus. But words stop meaning anything when we don’t keep our promises.
n  Fejiro Ahmed
Yes, yes, dear we really have to argue about your golden reason for not accepting Christ right now.
n  Kabiru Ahmed
Yes, but to be sincere. I know you God has saved me quiet a number of times the field of battle.
n  Fejiro Ahmed
Good for you. *smiles*
Ben is still sleeping while Bryan and Betty are waiting to see you off in the sitting room.
n  Kabiru Ahmed
OK, let me see them right away.
Help me tell Victor to put my stuff in the boot that I will join them in few minutes.
n  Fejiro Ahmed
Alright, I’ll do just that.

A Week After Odi Massacre

n  Sergeant Mathew Okoro


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