Firefox Rolls Out New Extension to Block Facebook Tracking You Around the Web

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World number one leading social networking company, Facebook in recent time has been making headlines wrong reasons in past weeks as quite a number of users are becoming more concerned on how much of their data the awesome social media platform is collecting from them. On this, Mozilla, one of the most used browsers worldwide has been watching from the side and has finally rolled out a new add-on for Firefox called Facebook Container on Tuesday. Just as the name implies, so also are the functions of this newly launched add-on as it makes tracking of your every move difficult for Facebook.

The tech giant explained on the add-on page that Facebook Container isolates your Facebook identity into its own tab so that the social media platform will have a difficult time tracking you as you browse other websites. As easy as it sounds this add-on is really barrier between Facebook and other things you do around the internet.

Here is how the add-on works

When the is installed on your Firefox browser, it will immediately delete your Facebook cookies and log you out of the site. The next time you visit Facebook, the site will load up in a separate, blue-colored browser tab (the “container”). Log in to Facebook as you normally would in the new tab. Going forward, any non-Facebook link you click will load outside the container, and if you try to share something on Facebook from another tab, it will load inside the container.

“It is important to know that this extension doesn’t prevent Facebook from mishandling the data that it already has, or permitted others to obtain, about you,” Mozilla warns. “Facebook still will have access to everything that you do while you are on, including your Facebook comments, photo uploads, likes, any data you share with Facebook connected apps, etc.”

So, have in mind that the add-on wouldn’t have stopped the Cambridge Analytica debacle, but if you can’t afford to delete your profile altogether, Facebook Container is a decent half measure to keep Facebook tracking at bay.

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