BBNaija Housemate Profile - Alex

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Name: Asogwa Alexandra "Alex" Amuche Sandra
Nationality: Nigerian
Age: 21years
Gender: Female
Occupation: Advertiser, Model
Residence / Birthplace: Lagos/Nsukka

Sandra is a social butterfly who enjoys dancing and talking, she also likes polar bears.
This single, vibrant, young lady is one of three children and she said she will miss her
family the most while in the house.
She dislikes fake or dirty people and takes pride herself on being unique and daring.
The 21 year old believes that she will stand out because she “won’t hold back” on
anything whilst in the house so holds on to your hats folks because it looks like we are
in for a wild ride.
What irritates you most in other people: Dirtiness, people who are fake
What will you be bringing into the Big Brother Naija house: Myself, I don’t hold
What will you do with the prize money: I really don’t know for yet.

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