Big Brother Naija Weekly Nomination Thread - Who Gets Evicted

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On Monday, 12th February 2018 -- Here is the list of nominated housmates and who nominated them:
Mina – BamTeddy & LoTo
VanDee – MiNa & CeBi
PriTo – CeBi & MiNa
RiNneka – MiNa & LoTo
BamTeddy – MiNa & LoTo
LoTo – CeBi & MiNa
CeBi – VanDee & LoTo
LeoLex – Angleifu & MiNa
Angelifu – CeBi & MiNa
KSquared – CeBi & VanDee

Big Brother after the nomination on Monday meted out punishment on all housemates as he changed the eviction process.

This time around, all housemates are automatically nominated and up for eviction come Sunday as consequence for conspiring among each other to make nominations against Big Brother rules.

On Sunday 18th February one of the housemates with the least vote will be evicted.

Only Khloe who is the head of BBNaija house was exempted from nomination and had the power to save a pair.

Khloe, however, saved Leolex which makes the pair exempted from eviction.

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