BBNaija 2018 Housemate Clash: Here Is All That Happened Between Ahneeka And Teddy A

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In the ongoing Big Brother Naija -- Double Wahala house there was a misunderstanding between fellow housemates last night being Friday, 9th of February 2018.

Ahneeka and Teddy A who are already in Double Wahala got into a fight last night when Teddy A called her ‘silly’ for not knowing the meaning of a word. This got Ahneeka angry and she insulted him back to back, calling Teddy A arrogant with the way he speaks and looks down on people.
Ahneeka also went further to rant about his remarks and how he treats women like they are beneath him.

Other housemates were able to diffuse the tension between the both of them, taking Teddy A as far away as possible from Ahneeka’s wrath.

Later on, Teddy A later apologized for what he said to Ahneeka during another moment of truth breaking the tension finally between the two.

Here are the videos below:

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