Access Bank Now Allow Users PIN Instead of Last 4 Digits of BVN

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In a recent post here, we have shared a topic on how customers of Access Bank can make a mobile transaction using the bank’s USSD code. Although, the whole process must include a four-digit PIN in which the bank as at that time insist the PIN must be that of the user last four digits of his/her Bank Verification Number (BVN).

THEUPSPOT as well as other Access Bank customer probably didn’t quite find it awesome compared to that of other banks. Truth be told, most people don’t even remember their Bank Verification Number – they only sort of it when the need arises in a bank or other government approved purpose like national ID.

So, in that same post, e shared also links users of Android, Ios, BlackBerry and Windows phone OS devices can follow to download and install the mobile application for their smartphone with reasons why people prefer either using the mobile app or approved USSD codes for money transactions.

Good news to all Access Bank customers: You can now make mobile money transaction with your preferred Personal Identification Number (PIN). Here is the USSD code to get started.

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