Wema Bank Transfer Code and Mobile App for Android, iOS, Windows and BlackBerry

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Nothing has made the move of cashless policy more successful other than the use of USSD codes and mobile banking applications. Like they say what is mobile is truly defined by being able to do this or that at anywhere of time. And on this Wema Bank are on the frontline to making this possible to all their customers by introducing her own USSD transaction codes and mobile app so that transactions can be carried out with or without an internet connection.

The Wema Bank transaction USSD code and how to download and install the mobile application here will make it easy for you to carry out quick transactions directly from your smartphone. But first of all, let me explain a little, the advantages of using either a USSD code or the official mobile application for your device:

·         The Wema Bank *945# code for transactions does not require the use of internet to process so this means you don’t have to worry about money for data subscription before you can send money to anyone from anywhere as long as you are using the SIM you have registered in your bank information when the account was created.
·         While on the other hand, the Wema Bank mobile application doesn’t charge you an extra fee for transferring money apart from the usual amount the is being deducted for transfer of money to a different bank destination other than Wema Bank.

Here is The Code to Transfer Money from Your Wema Bank Account:

Wema Bank to Wema Bank account – *945*Account Number*Amount#
Wema Bank to Other Banks – Same as above or simply *945# and follow the onscreen prompt.

Here is How to Check You Wema Bank Account Balance:

To check your account balance simply dial *945*0#

Here is How to Load Airtime from Your Wema Bank Account:

 For Self - *945*Amount#
For Others –*945*Mobile Number*Amount#

Here is How to Download Wema Bank Mobile App for Android, iOS, Windows and BlackBerry Devices

  • Android: To get the app on an Android smartphone all you have to do is launch your Google PlayStore Application and download Wema Bank Mobile Banking App. After downloading the app install it with the required permission to enable it to carry out its full banking functions.
  • iOS: To get this app on your iPhone or iPad devices simply launch and sign in to your Apple Store account and download Wema Bank Mobile Banking App. Just like Android, it will install automatically.
  • Windows: Go to Windows Phone Store, download and install the Wema Bank app.
  • BlackBerry: To install on BB device simply launch the BlackBerry World, download and run the application.

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