Success is Guaranteed in 2018 by The Revolution of Your Mind

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First of all, I wish you a happy and prosperous 2018, then I want you to ask yourself how prepared are you. Every successful person has a vision or mission, goal, focus for each year but only a few would be able to say yes, I set a goal and achieved it at the end of the year.

If you’re wondering how successful I was in 2017 before writing this post then I must tell you that success is not just the accumulation of wealth alone, rather it is based on the individual definition for it. We are not duplicate of anyone so what one person may called success might not be seen as a success in your own perspective and vice versa. I achieved a balanced success in 2015 and this year I’m “Taking Over”.

A balance success can only be achieved when you have an all-around success in every good thing do either in business or career, finance, health, relationship, spiritual, mind development, community service, fun time and entertainment.

One good thing you should know now is that your mind (thought, pictures in your head, what inspires you) is a pre-creator of everything that will happen in your life be it good or bad because as you think in your heart so you are.

Your success is guaranteed right now because 2016 is a beautiful year with plenty of goodies for everyone who stays focus from day one to the end. for this to happen in your life you must, first of all, see this year as a book and every day that goes by as its pages. Have something great to write on each page, add value to people’s lives, love people and accept them the way they are don’t try to change them, with time they will definitely change when you influence them more than they influence you.

Here are ten types of success you can achieve in this year:

Material Success – money, cars, holidays, jewelry 2. Emotional Success – relationships, self-esteem, contentment 3. Intellectual Success – learning, understanding, challenging 4. Spiritual Success – sense of purpose, belonging, reason 5. Physical Success – health, fitness, vitality, appearance 6. Commercial Success – enterprise growth, profit, reputation 7. Evangelical Success – influencing others promoting your ideas 8. Environmental Success – home, garden, saving the planet 9. Time Success – longevity, time management 10. Collective Success – the product of effective teamwork

If you’ve gone through the list of success above I challenge you right now to set plan for achieving any aspect of it in your life, have a goal. A goal is a vision or mission with a deadline to get a satisfactory result.

Focus your mind on taking over - lead in your career/business, in your academics, living a healthy life, be the best in every good thing you do. Don’t waste any seconds this year let each one count for good, invest your time to add value to your life and peoples live only then you will achieve a balanced success. Take Over…

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