Six Things to Try When Fixing Your Allview Camera App Failure

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Camera and battery capacity are the major things users check for in Allview smartphones or other related devices when they want to buy a new or even a used phone. Recently, we’ve seen tremendous upgrade the cameras or newly released Allview phones and devices from other manufacturers which simply means the camera is one of the most valuable assets of any phone.

However, as an experienced smartphone technician who has fixed several Allview devices ranging from software to hardware issues. I have come across several cases of camera malfunction both in Allview and other leading brands devices which is why I have written this post on how to troubleshoot and fix this issue in six different ways.

So, if you are having issues with your new or old Allview smartphone camera? You’re unable to snap pictures, the app shows failure or error notice? Here are six possible ways to that might fix the camera issue of any Allview device. But please do not disassemble your Allview phone if it is still under the warranty period else you won’t be eligible to request a replacement or free fixing that the warranty covers.

·         Unmount the SD Card or Replace it with a new one.
·         Check the Camera module and make sure it I not loose. Tighten up loosed screws if possible.
·         Tap the Allview camera like two to three times.
·         Perform a factory reset to see if it will fix your Allview device.
·         Change the Camera Module. You can place for one from any of the leading online stores like Amazon or eBay.
·         Still can’t fix the camera failure with the previous might be the solution then send your Allview back to the supplier for repair if it is still under warranty. Else, look for a smartphone technician.

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