Pictures: Man Who Made A Bicycle That Rides On Water Launches It On The Sea

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Some months back, met with a young Ghanaian inventor, Frank Darko, who had created a bicycle that could move on water.
Frank Darko revealed that his invention started in August last year and with a lot of effort and hard work, he managed to finish his creation and tested it in a shallow dam in his area.

Now, the young inventor believing in his finished work decided to test it out on the sea to prove to the world that his invention had come to stay.

In these few photos Darko sent to, some people were seen taking turns to experience the unique invention.
While in a telephone conversation with, Frank Darko revealed that he wanted his invention to help the school children who had to swim to school, find an easier path to their classes.
He also revealed that many individuals have also requested to have him make a copy of the bicycle for them.

Darko wanted to contribute to the development of Ghana with his invention. He, however, called on stakeholders and benevolent bodies to invest in his breakthrough invention so as to make the lives of many Ghanaians easy.

He resides in Takoradi in the Western Region. He was a final year student at the Takoradi Technical University formerly known as Takoradi Polytechnic pursuing a course in Graphic Design but deferred in his final year in school due to personal reasons.

The young inventor revealed that the special bicycle is his first invention but he had drawn up plans for many more inventions.

Frank Darko reached out to earlier and shared his amazing story and remarkable invention with us. This time, he took out his intention to do a daring test and also shared images with us.

Darko revealed that his creativity came about as a result of his matchless love for science, technology and the urge to solve day-to-day problems faced by people living in the community.

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