How to Hard or Soft Reset LG Q8

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The LG Q8 is one of the most adorable smartphones with incredible features released in December 2017 having that perfect: 5.2inch display, 16.0MP plus 8MP rear camera, 5MP front camera, 3000mAh battery, connectivity, OS performance multiple audio and video playing format. But if for any reason you want to hard or soft reset your Q8 then this is a DIY guide for you.

Need to go through the phone specs? You will find full specifications of LG Q8 here.

Smartphone users mostly do reset when the phone becomes unresponsive or they want to hand it over to someone as a gift.

Here are steps on how to hard reset LG Q8:
Step 1: You might want to backup data because the reset will set your LG Q8 back to its factory mode. Else move to step 2.
Step 2: Ensure that your LG Q8 is charged to a minimum of 50% before you proceed.
Step 3: Hold down the volume up key and power button simultaneously for thirty (30) seconds or until the “LG Logo” shows up.
Step 4: keep holding the Volume Down & after 3 seconds hold down one more time the Power button.
Step 5: As soon as the Factory Mode appears let go of both keys.
Step 6: to confirm process by choosing ”YES” using Volume rockers to navigate and the Power button to confirm.
Step 7: wait until the LG Welcome Panel pops up.
Step 8: Sit back and watch your wipe and after reset select “Reboot system now” and use the power button to accept.

Here is how to soft/factory reset LG Q8:
This option requires that the device must be in a good working condition which will enable to access the settings and do the reset.
Turn on the LG Q8 if switched off.
Go to Settings
Backup & Reset menu.
Factory data reset.
Press the “Reset phone” option
That’s all, your LG Q8 will erase everything in it and boot afresh.

Disclaimer: How to hard or soft reset guide for LG Q8 by THEUPSPOT is mainly for education purpose and we are in no way responsible for any data lost or whatsoever makes your device warranty void. So, we strongly recommend you first of all try to locate your phone’s support centre where the issue(s) might be fixed free or low cost. Although, this guide here is a do it yourself (DIY) free tutorial.

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