Heritage Bank Transfer Code and Mobile App for Android, iOS, Windows and BlackBerry

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Way back before things started going mobile bank customers were left with no choice other than to visit their various banks or that of a friend or family member who they want to make a transfer to before they can send them money. It is time-consuming but the process is still working perfectly as at the time this post was published. However, we can’t carry out deposit or withdrawal during public holidays, Sundays and so on when the banks are not operating which means every transaction you want to do would have to wait till the next working day. This why that process is not as good as the mobile way in our digital era where we can do this transaction or that transaction at anywhere or anytime with the Heritage Bank USSD code or mobile application with or without an internet connection.

The Heritage Bank plc transaction USSD code and how to download and install the mobile application here will make it easy for you to carry out quick transactions directly from your smartphone. But first of all, let me explain a little, the advantages of using either a USSD code or the official mobile application for your device:

·         The Heritage Bank *322*030# code for transactions does not require the use of internet to process so this means you don’t have to worry about money for data subscription before you can send money to anyone from anywhere as long as you are using the SIM you have registered in your bank information when the account was created.
·         While on the other hand, the Heritage Bank mobile application doesn’t charge you an extra fee for transferring money apart from the usual amount the is being deducted for transfer of money to a different bank destination other than Heritage Bank.

Here is The Code to Transfer Money from Your Heritage Bank Account:
Heritage Bank to Heritage Bank account – *322*030*Account Number*Amount#
Heritage Bank to other banks – simply dial *322*030# and follow the onscreen prompt.
Here is How to Check You Heritage Bank Account Balance:
To check your account balance simply dial *322*030# and follow the onscreen prompt.
Here is How to Load Airtime from Your Heritage Bank Account:
 For Self *322*030*Amount#
For Others *322*030*Phone Number*Amount#

Here is How to Download Heritage Bank Mobile App for Android, iOS, Windows and BlackBerry Devices

NOTE: You can also download it by simply searching for HBMobile or Heritagemobile from the app stores

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