Arya Stark of 'GoT' is Worried Her Looks Will Affect Her Career

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She is obviously one of the major character viewers look forward to seeing her in action in the upcoming season 8 of the Game of Throne series. But perhaps she just not your definition of beautiful.

Maisie Williams known as Arya Stark in GoT is worried about how her looks will affect her career once Game of Thrones ends. “It’s only now I’m starting to realize the characters that are available to me because of the way I look and the characters that aren’t available to me,” she told the Irish Times.
Maisie Williams pointed out how shallow the entertainment industry is and what that means for her. “I don’t look like someone who is cast in roles that are, well, sexualized,” she added.
She is “completely in awe” of Hollywood’s “jaw-droppingly beautiful” leading ladies, but why can’t Williams be a leading lady? “I think it’s sad that you only get to see one type of beautiful on screen,” she said.

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Not only do we agree to that, but we think she is even more jaw-droppingly beautiful than she already was for calling out Hollywood and putting the industry in its place.

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