Islands with Incredible Animal Populations

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While some Islands are perfect choices for vacation because of their pristine beaches, good surfing conditions, and delightful snorkeling reefs. Others are just simply known for volcanoes, amazing hiking trails, or indigenous tribes.

Here are top 10 incredible Islands with unique animal populations which attracts tourists from around the world. Although, some are well protected from human contact while others are self-protected.

#1 – The Iguanas in Grand Cayman

Green Iguanas has occupied a larger area of Grand Cayman Islands. They were introduced to Cayman Island in early 80s as ordinary pets. But they have grow large in numbers rapidly in the wild. These animals are non-violent herbivore, but they still threat to the Island and her natural resources. They remove the bark from trees, destroy garden and farms, and compete with other creatures around for source of food. The Island has already been taking over by Iguanas.
Measures is being taking to control the situation and keep them from spreading across Grand Cayman by the Department of Environment. Prohibition of killing Iguanas has be removed to reduce them by all means necessary and hunters were paid two dollars per Iguana they kill as at November 2017.

Estimated Population: 1 million

#2 – Christmas Island

Christmas Island is the homeland of Red Crabs in Australia with an estimated population of 50 million. They are mostly seen in the rain forest where they feed on leaves and fruits. While in dry season, they dig holes and go underground to maintain their body moisture.
Estimated population: 50 million.

#3 – The Seal Island

With an estimated number of seventy-five thousand located in False Bay off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa is a non-sandy beach at the small granite landmass in an Island which is covered in Cape fur seals.
Seal Island is not so cool for people to stay and also off-limits to tourists, but from what was seen of the remain of huts normally used by sealers in early 1900s and a mangled world war II radio mast display that people used to live there in the past.
While False Bay doesn’t allow visitors, boat tours of the Island permit people to see the Cape fur seals sunning themselves or having fun in the water.

Estimated Population: 75,000.

#4 – Wolves & Moose at Isle Royale

Since 1958 scientists have kept a close watch on the wolves and moose on Isle Royale the largest island on Lake Superior. Over a thousand six hundred moose lives on the Island, while the wolves on the other hand is estimated to have fallen to just two left from the thirty that where there in the past ten years.

a suggestion to introduce more wolves to the island is still being assessed.

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