Top 10 Things Women Look for In Men

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One of the big puzzle out there is the question of what women really look for in men.  Well, we don’t expect answers to that questions of such to be easy because it varies from a woman to another on who they see as their prospective partner which could be based on her life experience, cultural and religious background. Some on the other hand might not even consider a man who doesn’t have money, good look and social standard. But they could be low minded and might not be the kind of women men need in their life too.    

1.   Maturity

Most times people wonder why older men find it easy to attract women. Well, there are so many reasons why women prefer the matured – that is older than them with quite a good number of years which includes the possibilities that they might have spent some years to accumulate wealth and are most likely to be emotionally stable compared to men of the same age or younger. They as well know how to treat a woman, make good decision and are more confidence.

2.   Strong Family Ties

Women who are looking forward to taking their relationships to other levels might find men with good family relationship like coming from a good home (not necessary to be from a rich family though) and has close relationship with his family.

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Top 10 Things Women Look for In Men

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