Top 10 African Billionaires in 2017

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Every year new list of billionaires from countries, to continent and the world at large, emerge to show the falling and rising of billionaires and their current estimated net worth. Yes, there is no permanent seat for anyone on that list although some business tycoon has worked so hard to maintain their position for long and even go higher. While on the other hand with few digits off the net worth they fall down the list.
Mike Adenuga

Right here we've put together a list of top ten African billionaires in 2017. We believe anybody who works hard and is fortunate enough can get on that list. So we hope to find your name there someday.
The Top 10 Richest in Africa
The Top 10 Richest in Africa

#10 - Mohamed Mansour $2.7 Billion
An Egyptian businessman born 1948. Father of two and the Chairman of Mansour Group a multinational conglomerate that deals: automotive; banking and real estate; education, IT and telecommunications; consumer goods; machinery and equipment; media and advertising transport and logistics; as well as oil and gas. Although there is still good revenue Mansour Group generates
outside Egypt including its sales of Caterpillar in Russia and six other African countries. And over $500, 000 000.00 investments in the United States, Dubai, and Africa.

#9 - Issad Rebrab $3.1 Billion
Billionaire businessman born May 27th, 1944 from Algerian, father of five and Cheif Executive Officer of CEVITAL a company with over $200 million invested in building a Brandt plant in Algeria after he had acquired Groupe Brandt in 2014. he was said to be a customer of Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca, through which he got offshore firms to register a Swiss bank account contempt of Algerian laws.

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