The Commander of Krisval

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It was sunset as we step out the canoe. We have spent four days already on sailing to get to our destination. A journey that isn’t supposed to take up to an hour and 30 minutes on a speed boat which on unfortunately wasn’t available as at the time we made our trip to pay visit to the commander of Krisval, Karo. Lilian and Sarah kept complaining that we are running out of food and our ally leading the way couldn’t stop laughing because he knew food is not a problem at Krisval where we are heading to.

We made the journey because we felt there are untold story about Commander Karo of Krisval and nobody from their clan is educated enough to put his story on the world wide web so everyone can read it. At this point it occurred to me that we will only have story to tell without pictures and or videos as our smartphones are down already and we were told before embarking on the journey carrying that camera in front of the people would read a different meaning to them making it look as if we are not friends like we claim to be. 

He turned round to tell us about the obstacles on the way and how to avoid them by following his footsteps and raising our hands when he raises his to show we are friends for a visit. We finally arrived and if my guess was right it would be around 10:30pm. Our smartphones batteries were down already so we had no other means to check time. There was light everywhere shining from the burning of wood and clothes rapped round sticks to provide light. Although, we know such kind of light is not healthy because of the smoke it produces especially the type in our room. But we had no other option – I said earlier our phones were down and so are our rechargeable torchlights just within the first five days of the journey.

Then he showed up, the commander of Krisval, Karo came to see us. We could hear their footstep from afar as they came closer. He was held high by four strong men and had four men match in front while others behind where ever he goes except bathroom and the other meant for him and his ladies. Commander of Krisval are free to take more wives. No doubt, that was the reason he said he wants to marry Lilian and Sarah immediately he set his eyes on them but we had to wave that aside by all means.

Wow, he ordered for dinner to be served and was surprised to see dry bones rise again . Although, they weren't as dry like you would imagine but Lilian and Sarah has been on mute mode since we arrived and it seems the commander's order just added strength to their muscles and started speaking in unknown tongue the Krisval people could not understand. That was how we got served a bowl of yam, plantain and goat meat pepper soup.

The following day he told us about how he became the commander as he took us around. To become the commander of Krisval he said, you must be the best swimmer and own the larger farm in Krisval. 

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