The Land of Milk and Honey – Bonny Island

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There is no better way to describe a place so blessed like Bonny Island other than calling it the land of Milk and Honey; if I must add more to that description I will simply say a land being sustained by

God’s grace because the Island is far below sea level, and although, it’s surrounded by rivers and the Atlantic ocean their still has not been any record of flood disaster. This wonderful Island is located in the Niger Delta region, Rivers State, Nigeria.

Indeed there are so many things you will love to see and places to visit this Island some call the land of money because of its richness in natural and human resources. But let us call it the land of milk and honey for now until you pay a visit to see things to yourself. A lot of Nigerians would find it amazing to discover that there are actually places in Nigeria where power outage isn’t the problem anymore. This is due to the multi-billion dollar Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) company they took as a duty to provide steady light to their host community. Like in developed areas around the world people are notified of the hours maintenance would be conducted before light goes off. Also entrepreneurs around use opportunity to their own advantage to grow their business as they won’t have to make budget for power supply as an expense incurred.

Earlier on in the 16th century Bonny has been a place of economic activities and have the oldest cathedral in Nigeria and West Africa that was built by the colonial missionaries came in the Nigeria in 1861 around the same period when they gave the then paramount ruler a the first copy of Holy Bible.

There so many companies and sub-contractors companies around. However the big popular ones are: Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas, Shell, Fougeroule, Julius Berger and many more too numerous to mention that all working for the same to purpose of value to Nigeria and the world at large through the Oil and Gas sector. The main is built in the old Finima land which major the reason they to develop another better place for the people to stay.

Places you would love to visit when in the Island includes among others: The Beach that has a long stretch round the Finima community, some people do call it Miami beach but is well known as the River Seven (7). If you’ve not seen the Atlantic Ocean before and find yourself at that beach then you really need to take some exciting snapshot because what you will see is that ocean; the Cathedral as mention earlier, and for lovers of nature you might also want to take a walk around the Finima Nature Park.

There are for now only two ways in to this beautiful city as the Federal Government is yet to provide the needed fund for the construction of the bridge from Port Harcourt to Bonny, the Nigeria LNG has already provided the fifty percent of the required fund which is 60 billion naira to the completion of the project. So, the way in still remains by air or water using ferry or speed boat that could take you up to 45-1 hour to get your destination. 

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