Finima Nature Park: Stop the Hunt, Save the Monkey

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We have heard about dragons, watch fictions of them but as far as we are concern in the 21st century none of us have seen one or their relative known as the dinosaur which are no more in existence. Most times our way of living tends to make animals go sorting for other cool places to stay where their chances of survival is higher compare to when they are closer to human who can’t help it when they see or passive such animals are within their reach.  

So we took a walk down the Finima Nature Park. A reserved and preserved land for nature activities where visitors can have a good feel of what nature is all about after being too acquitted with artificials. And for the creative minds they will find it cool to brainstorm ideas in such an environment. It is located in one of the blessed lands with human and natural resources in Nigeria surrounded by long stretches of beaches and sustained by grace as it is sad that the land is quite below sea level. A place called Bonny Island, Rivers State.

The nature park was founded and developed in Finima Town in 1999 switching contract ownership of whom to maintain the reserved area from Niger Delta Wetlands Centre (NDWC) to Nigeria Conservation Foundation (NCF) in 2014 the same period they found the dead Whale rolled offshore. Right from day one it has been a place of countless visits (although the authorities there take records of people going in and out the Park) but from our survey we know not less the 3 people visit the Park every day.

On September 2014 while the rangers were on patrol to make sure people keep to the rule of “Stop the hunt, save the monk.” On reaching the beach behind the Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) Residential Area (RA) built for senior and some junior staff of the company. They sighted a big body on the ground and guess it was a Whale because earlier on in 2001 a Whale was rolled offshore. Although, it wasn’t dead, so people rushed down to cut out meat for themselves. But to their greatest surprise the next day when they were supposed to continue cutting the Whale was gone. On getting there it was actually a Whale like they thought it would be. Some of the rangers were puzzled thinking maybe it could be the same Whale. However, since it was during the Ebola period in Nigeria the management of Nigeria Conservation Foundation gave an order that they should take off the skeleton and dispose other parts of the Whale to be on the safe side because people are to not too sure if that carcass is Ebola free. As soon as the skeleton was ready and cleaned with chemical to preserve it they moved it to the building at the Nature Park's entry where visitors can see it.

That was why the rangers first it clear to our understanding that Park should not be mistaken for Zoo or museum - although the skeleton of that Whale gives people more reason to visit. Among other animal around we saw: Peacocks, Snakes and Monkeys. These indeed makes the Nature Park an awesome place to visit any you are in Bonny Island.

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