Subscription Code for MTN, Glo, Airtel and Etisalat BlackBerry OS10(Z10,Q10)

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No one would talk about device with good and affordable data plan and most times with unlimited surfing for the set duration of a day, week(s) or months depending on your choice without mentioning BlackBerry smart phone. When it comes to well designed and user friendly smartphone BB is one of the leading makers in that aspect.

Subscribing the wrong data plan might not work on your device. So we've listed out the plans for MTN, Glo, Airtel and Etisalat network. Good thing is you don't have to memorize them in order not to make mistake. All you have to do is bookmark or save this page in your browser to have the USSD code at your finger tip when needed.

MTN BlackBerry 10 Subscription Code:

DataAmountText ActivationUSSD Activation to 21600Duration
1.5GBN3,000BBMAXIM*216*5*3#1 month
350MBN1,100BBMAXIW*216*5*2#7 days
50MBN200BBMAXID*216*5*1#24 hours
500MBN1,500BBMIDIM*216*4*3#1 month
125MBN550BBMIDIW*216*4*2#7 days
15MBN100BBMIDID*216*4*1#24 hours
260MBN1,000BBLITEM*216*3*3#1 month
700MBN350BBLITEW*216*3*2#7 days
10MBN70BBLITED*216*3*1#24 hours

Glo BlackBerry 10 Subscription Code:

Max Month
DataAmountText Activation to 777USSD ActivationDuration
4.5GBN2,500maxmonth*777*13#1 month
Mid Month
1.5GBN1000midmonth*777*15#1 month
150MBN500Maxweek*777*14#7 days

Airtel BlackBerry 10 Subscription Code:

Plan nameData BundleAmountUSSD ActivationDuration
UNLIMITED MONTH3GBN1,500*435#1 Month
UNLIMITED WEEK200MBN525*440*17#7 Days
UNLIMITED DAY40MBN100*440*18#24 hours

Etisalat BlackBerry 10 Subscription Code:

Blackberry 10 lite with unlimited BBM
DataAmountText ActivationUSSD Activation to 21600Duration
260MBN1000MLITE*559*2*1#1 month
70MBN350WLITE*599*2*1#7 days
10MBN70DLITE*599*2*2#24 hours
Blackberry 10 mid with unlimited BBM
500MBN1500MMID*599*3#1 month
125MBN550WMID*599*3*1#7 days
15MBN100DMID*599*3*2#24 hours
Blackberry 10 max with unlimited BBM
1536MBN3000MMAX*599*4#1 month
360MBN1100WMAX*599*8#7 days
50MBN200DMAX*599*7#24 hours

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