Opopo (yam, plantain) and Pepper Soup: Food Prepared in Bonny Island,Rivers State

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Your journey to Bonny Island-the island so bless with both minerals and human resources would not be complete if you didn’t by any means taste the food of these peace loving people. Yes, there are awesome places in the Island you wouldn’t mind spending 24 hours of your time there having fun. However, none of these funs can be compared to tasting the delicious meal they call Opopo and pepper soup.

How the journey begins in the first place:

Large numbers of people in Bonny Kingdom are those to secure employment in one discipline or the other with their families too and few indigenes making place lively and fun to live in. Outside that setting, most to people from neighboring communities and states don't find it funny to cross an hour on Boat-in a River that is linked to the Atlantic ocean this Island of money like they call it.

In this case there are only two ways in, which are: either by air or by sea (the river from Port Harcourt to Bonny). The Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas as the leading multibillion dollar company providing 10 percent of the cooking gas consumed worldwide in the host community-Finima, has made open there intention to provide half the money required to build a bridge from Bonny to Port Harcourt. But they insist the Federal Government of Nigeria through NNPC provide the other half needed for the project which is 60 billion naira. So, till that time when we would be able to walk above the waters, we just have to keep sailing and flying on air to get to our destination.

Back to where we are coming from (Opopo and pepper soup) to tourist like myself missing out already.

Let’s get things clear first. The recipe is not from another planet because they are actually what you already know and might have used in different ways based on your own cultural background. All you need are:
  • Ripe plantain
  • Yam
  • Palm oil
  • Maggi
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Fresh fish
It is more preferable to use over ripe plantain especially that set that going bad beyond repair.

Here's how:
  1. Boil the plantain and yam together until it becomes very soft for pounding.
  2. Take one piece each from both side and pound it
  3. While you are pounding add pepper and maggi.
  4. Pour little palm oil and pound till it mix completely.
  5. Next, Cook the pepper soup your own way and that's all.

Yes, that's all for the cooking. The people there do prefer it being served when hot, but to be on safe side; to avoid burning your mouth, let it chill for a while before eating.

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