How to Reset Gionee M2 without Entering the Old Email

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The Gionee M2 is truly that sort of smart phone you would love to have, if you don’t already own one. But to users of this good device, if for any reason at all you’re stuck with no option other than to wipe your phone to get it back to normal. Let me show you how to do the reset.

Like other android OS run device out there, the formatting process isn’t quite different. However, not formatting Gionee M2 correctly might result a request for you to enter previously added (primary) email account.
Here is a guide on how to format Gionee M2:
  1. First, you need to turn the phone off by holding down the power button for few seconds.
  2. Hold down the “Volume Down” + “Power button” simultaneously for ten, fifteen seconds or more until the boot mood appears.
  3. Once on the boot mode, release both keys immediately.
  4. Now, use the up and down volume keys to select from the options and power button to confirm.
  5. Select the “wipe data/factory reset” option and use the power button to accept that choice.
  6. Next, using the same keys after successful phone reset, select “reboot system now”.

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