How to Prepare Gizdodo (Chicken Gizzard and Plantain)

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Well, I don’t want to imagine that someone out there could still be missing from a tasty meal in good combination of Gizzard and Plantain called Gizdodo. If you are be grateful you found this post. However, pro chef could still learn a thing or two from this one prepare by Jonita Okiya.

Here is what you need how to prepare it:

1. Plantain
2. Gizzard
3. Tomatoes
4. Pepper
5. Groundnut Oil
6. Maggi
7. Salt
8. Onion
9. Other stew spices
Note: making a separate stew to go with it isn’t a bad idea.

With all that on ground the cooking is half done.
• Steam the chicken gizzard mixed with pepper, maggi, salt and onion.
• After that, turn off the water and keep it safe for boiling the plantain.
• Next, slice the plantain and tomatoes to little separate pieces.
• Boil the plantain till it get soft and add that water.
• Add groundnut oil to a dried pot or frying pan, and allow it to heat up a little.
• Now, fry the gizzard while the plantain is boiling in another pot mixed with spices above.
• Add the tomatoes and fried gizzard to it and leave it for few minute to mix properly.
• That’s all, you’re good to go. Serve when cool and enjoy.

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