How to Fix Android Tablet Won't Turn On

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Its awesome having a tab PC running Android OS. But like other device out there-little things might stretch your thought concerning what you bought maybe not too long ago and might even result to spending more money taking the same device to a phone technician on what you could possibly do it yourself (DIY).

One of the issues with Android Tablet PC is that, when you leave it uncharged for about four hours or more it won't turn on. However, that doesn't mean the Android Tablet PC is dead.

Here are possible ways to fix this issue:

  • Plug the tablet on charge about four hours or overnight.
  • Press the volume up and power button simultaneously.
  • Keep holding for up to 15 seconds till you see a sign that it's turning on then stop.
If that doesn't fix it try the second option:
  • By the side of the tablet you see two port
  • Connect to both port power outlet
  • One via charger, while the other using USB direct to you PC.
  • After that, press the volume up and power button again for a 15 seconds.
  • If the tab turns on and it is still showing not charging that means you need to replace your dc cable.
If both options don't work, then your tabs battery needs to be replaced. Hand it over to a geek to avoid damaging hardware component.

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