How to Borrow Data or Airtime from MTN

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First of all, people borrow call/data credits for two reasons: either for sake of insufficient fund at the moment or emergencies-when you can’t step out to buy airtime voucher because it’s too late at night and vendors are closed for the day.

Like other mobile network service providers MTN is left out to include that aspect their user want. So they came up with what is call MTN XtraTime. Yes, I know you might be saying; “that’s nothing new.” You are right. But like I mentioned earlier there are little things you can do when issues arises for any of the reasons above if you don’t the Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) code at your finger tip at the right time.

Here how to borrow MTN XtraTime:

  • Dial *606#
  • Follow the prompt and reply with “1” to check eligibility status (amount you can borrow).
  • Or reply with the “2” to request to top up airtime or data.
However, this service is not free as you will be charge ten percent from any amount of XtraTime credit you request for. Let’s say you borrow 100 naira worth of airtime you will be given 90 naira.

 Note: If you exaust your borrow airtime without paying via voucher airtime top up when able you would not be eligible for another XtraTime until the previous one is paid.

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