Data Plans for Specific Apps Using MTN, Airtel or 9mobile Network

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It is quite obvious that large numbers of phone users, in most countries are not heavy data users like people think. They tend to cut cost as statistics have shown that it could cost an iPhone user three times the money he/she bought the phone, on data for owning that phone a year with regular surfing.

Let’s say it cost $500 to own one. Chances are you might end up spending triple that amount on data subscription purchase.

As we hope to have free internet someday, it is also cool to know about the cheap data plans available in all of the networks around (MTN, Glo, Airtel and Etisalat) us that suits your surfing needs. These services are basically meant for the most used applications such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and Opera mini.

GoodyBag Social (WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter) plans and activation code for MTN:

Data Bundle NameAmountActivation code to 131Duration
WhatsApp weekly BundleN25WAW7 days
WhatsApp monthly BundleN60WAM1 month
Facebook WeeklyN25FBW7 days
Facebook MonthlyN60FBM1 month
Twitter WeeklyN25TWTW7 days
Twitter MonthlyN60TWTM1 month
Eskimi MonthlyN25ESKW7 days
Eskimi MonthlyN60ESKM1 month
2go WeeklyN252GOW7 days
2go MonthlyN602GOM1 month
WeChat WeeklyN25WCW7 days
WeChat MonthlyN60WCM1 month
Nimbuzz WeeklyN25NIMW7 days
Nimbuzz WeeklyN60NIMM1 month

 For more options dial *662# to select your preferred GoodyBag Bundle.

Airtel Social Bundle Data plans and activation code:

Data Bundle NameAmountActivation codeAllowanceDuration
WhatsApp BundleN100*948#50MB1 month
Social Bundle MonthlyN100*885*3#50MB1 week
N200*990#80MB1 month
Opera Mini BundleN100*885*3#50MB1 week
N200*885*2#100MB2 weeks
N300*885*1#250MB1 month
Facebook BundleN100*688*3#30MB1 week
2 weeksN200*688*2#70MB2 weeks
1 monthN300*688*1#120MB1 month
BBM BundleN100*440*24#25MB24 hours
N300*440*22#120MB1 month

9mobile Social Bundle Data plans and activation code:

Data Bundle NameAmountActivation codeAllowance and Free SitesDuration
Facebook DailyN25*229*1*1#
Facebook WeeklyN100*229*1*2#
Facebook MonthlyN200*229*1*3#
Chat Pak DailyN50*343*5*5#
Chat Pak WeeklyN150*343*5*6#
Social Me Pak WeeklyN300*343*6*8#
Smartpaks VideoN400*229*3*5#
SocialN20*343*1#Twitter, facebook and badoo24 hours
SocialN100*343*1*1#Twitter, facebook and badoo7 days
PlusN20*343*2#Goal, and vanguardngr24 hours
PlusN100*343*2*1#Goal, and vanguardngr7 days
LifestyleN20*343*, nairaland and bellanaija24 hours
LifestyleN100*343*3*, nairaland and bellanaija7 days

For more data options from smartpaks dial *200*3*3#

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