Boot Device Not Found – Quick Fix

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Earlier on I shared a guide on how I was able to resolve the no boot device found issue of Samsung Notebook N105SP laptop. So let’s see how we can apply the same troubleshooting procedure to resolve same issue in any other system you have.

On the system I had Windows 7 OS installed but the boot device doesn’t show up at all even in the BIOS setup.

The first thing you should do in cases like this is to reset, not formatting: Take of the charger from the system or switch it off from power outlet, remove the battery, and hold the power button for not less than thirty seconds. Put the battery back and power on. That should fix normal malfunctioning of most systems.

If after that your bootable devices are not listed. Move to your system BIOS setup and do the following:

  • Go to ADVANCED tab

  • disable fast boot

  • Switch to BOOT tab and enable UEFI Boot (works for windows 8).

  • Save and reboot the system.

Perhaps, all effort might still seem abortive like it was to me too. In that case the problem is within the hardware configuration of your hard drive and main board.

Here is how I fix mine:

  • First of all you need to go back to your BIOS setup and put back the settings there to default before you proceed.

  • Turn off power and take off the battery.

  • Unscrew the nuts at the back case and gently remove the “RAM” first.

  • Gently remove the keyboard.

Note: the keyboard board won’t go off if you did not unscrew it the back of the system.

  • Gently remove the back cover.

  • Now, remove and put back the connector of your hard drive to the board.

  • Put everything back in place and screw tight to powering on.

  • That’s all

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